About Us

instpay card is a licensed British institution that develops financial digital technology and issues virtual payment cards. Any type: debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, business cards.


Offering secure and convenient payment solutions for individuals and businesses through payment cards.


To become a leading company in the payment card and e-commerce industry.


We strive to enhance the payment experience for customers and empower businesses to expand their operations.


Innovation, Security, Quality, Excellent Service.

Why instpay card

Global Reach

Sign up with ease from any location

Tailored Solutions

Formulate your financial journey by choosing between one of the virtual cards we provide

Global Merchant Network

Enjoy acceptance at over 100+ million merchants worldwide

Cross-Platform Support

Effortlessly manage your finances across our app, website, and other integrated services.


Enhanced Protection

Your online security is paramount, we fortify it with advanced 3D Secure (3DS) technology.

Diligent Fraud Monitoring

Our vigilant real-time fraud monitoring system is always on guard against unauthorized charges, providing yo with peace of mind during every transaction.

Immediate Alerts

Stay informed with instant alerts for all account actions, keeping you always informed.

Stringent Data Security

Your personal information is safe with us, thanks to our PCI-DSS level 2 certification which ensures your data is encrypted & protected

Rapid Card Freeze

Don't worry about a lost or stolen card. With instpay card, you can instantly freeze your card, securing your assets effortlessly.